Telescopic Handler (C: All Sizes exc. Slew) - Foundation: 5 Days

Course content varies depending on the category and level of experience of the operator (as to whether they have selected a Foundation or Experienced Worker course).

A typical novice A17 CPCS telehandler course would include both theoretical and practical training such as machine operation, safe loading, maintenance and relevant legislation.
A typical experienced worker course would include only the theoretical aspects of training.
The Foundation/Novice course is longer to allow for practical training and further in-depth theory.

The CPCS technical test at the end of the telehandler training course at either level and for all categories includes a theory and practical test.

  • Roles and responsibilities of the plant operator
  • Pre-use and post-use checks, including shut down and securing procedures
  • Configuration, setting the machine for duties and travel
  • Travel on a range of surfaces, including in confined spaces, with and without loads
  • How to place and remove loads from the vehicle
  • Loading and unloading procedures for machine transporting
  • Name and explain the purpose of principle components, the basic construction, controls and terminology.
  • Confirm with Manufacturer’s requirements as per the operator’s handbook, other types of information source and the relevant regulations and legislation.


This Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) telehandler training course is aimed at operators of telehandlers or telescopic handlers, designed to train them in the theoretical and practical parts of the telehandler. All delegates need to have passed the CSCS Health, Safety and Environment touchscreen test for Operatives within the past two years.

The A17 telehandler course is split into 3 separate categories; these are:

A: Industrial Telescopic
B: Up to 9 metres
C: All sizes ex. 360-degree slew
Delegates will need to choose which category of telehandler training to take based on the requirements of their current job role.

Category C of the CPCS telehandler course enables operatives to drive telescopic handler categories A, B and C without the 360 slew.
Please Note:- Category D known as category A17D which was previously the CPCS telehandler course for all sizes including the 360-degree slew is now superseded by the A77 category. The A77 category was created by the CPCS awarding body in 2018 due to the need for candidates to have more thorough training and testing on the 360 Slew.
There are both Foundation and Experienced Worker telehandler courses available for these categories; Experienced Worker courses are only for operators with 2 or more years’ experience.

Please note it is also possible to apply for the Technical Tests relating to CPCS A17 only, as well as A17E, which is the Telescopic Handler Suspended Loads Endorsement Course (as well as the Technical Tests pertaining to this course only)